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Creating Components

To create a new component simply require the Bonaparte core package and use the bp.tag.create method to create a new component:

var bp = require("bonaparte");

module.exports = bp.tag.create("tag-name", MyModule);

function MyModule(tag) {
    // magic

Full API documentation

Module Structure

Bonaparte components are defined by modules.

Modules are simple JavaScript functions/classes:

function MyModule(tag) {
// tag === this === current tag instance

Each Bonaparte component can be composed by one or more modules:

module.exports = bp.tag.create("tag-name", [

Every time the component is placed on the page, all its modules are instantiated.

Bonaparte components are modules themselves. Therefore it is possible to extend an existing Bonaparte component to add functionality:

var bonarparteSidebar = require('bonaparte-sidebar/bonaparte.js');

module.exports = bp.tag.create("tag-name", [

Modules are instantiated in the order they were passed to bp.tag.create.

Bonaparte uses the Objct library to create this modularity.


  "bonaparte.tag.attributeChanged" // Value changed
  "bonaparte.tag.attributeUpdated" // Value updated (might not have changed)


Listen to them like you do to native events:

function module(tag) {
    tag.addEventListener("bonaparte.tag.attached", handler);

Trigger Custom Events

Custom events can easily be triggered by calling

function module(tag) {
    tag.bonaparte.triggerEvent("name", data)

Or through the API events can be triggered on any element:

bp.tag.triggerEvent(tag, "name", data);

Full API documentation