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Bonaparte (alpha)

Bonaparte is a modular UX framework designed to work with standard UI frameworks. It provides a set of commonly used structural components that help designers and developers to create better user experiences.

Components are written in plain JavaScript and work nicely with frameworks like React, Angular or just jQuery. WebComponents allow functionality to live in HTML. This makes Bonaparte compatible with any framework or programming language that outputs HTML.

Bonaparte is design agnostic. It's components provide structure but do not come with any design. No component uses the class attribute to create functionality. Therefore CSS classes of any front end framework like Bootstrap, Foundation or Semantic UI can be used for styling.

Compatible with all modern browsers and IE10 up.

Using Bonaparte is as easy as using HTML:


        <!-- Scrolling Content -->


Learn more about:

How To Get Started

Bonaparte Components


Contribute / Feedback

Bonaparte is under active development. We know it's not perfect but we're constantly working to improve and appreciate any feedback and bug reports.

We are collecting general feedback and feature requests for Bonaparte here:

And pull requests are welcome as well of course ;)

Built a new component? Add it to the documentation and submit a pull request!

Learn more on how to create a new Bonaparte component here: 4.2 Development / Contribute